Surgeon Oz

Surgeon Oz

He is the most famous and beloved doctor in America. You've watched him inspire, educate and enthrall millions of viewers as a celebrated talk show host. But if you think you know what Dr. Oz is all about, think again.

Beyond the public's view, Dr. Mehmet Oz leads a completely separate professional life,continuing a three-decade career that has been his passion since long before he became a household name. In this unique and unprecedented eight-part series, we take you on a behind-the-scenes, life-and-death journey as cameras follow one of the world's greatest heart surgeons. This is no television studio. This is New York-Presbyterian Columbia Medical Center, one of the most respected hospitals on the planet. And the masked man wielding the scalpel is simply the best at what he does. He is Surgeon Oz. And he performs real life miracles.

His job is to fix damaged hearts and extend life. But viewers will see far more than surgery. Surgeon Oz not only repairs the physical defects but also dives deep into the emotional landscape of his patients. His message is that personal change is the only way to live a longer life and escape a return trip to his OR. 

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