Man V. Food


When it comes to travel, Adam Richman has an insatiable palate - in all senses of the word. In Man v. Food, Adam dives right into each destination with a huge appetite and adrenaline levels to match. Follow Adam on Man v. Food as he sets out across America in search of the best places to do some serious indulging, while taking on each city's toughest food challenge for a truly immersive travel experience.  

With a lengthy resume of restaurant experience and a lifelong passion for food, Adam's culinary skills coupled with his seasoned palate provide a worthy gastronomical compass to the best spots for America's iconic dishes. Join Adam as he travels to various food towns across America, visits legendary local eating establishments, and meets the staff and patrons - all in the name of uncovering the secrets that make each restaurant a must-visit. After zeroing in on the can't-miss flavours that make up each region's unique culinary history, Adam will take on his real mission - to conquer the local food challenges designed to literally test just how much one can swallow!

Whether he's devouring the Atomic Hot Wings platter in Pittsburgh, or a 13-pound pizza in Atlanta, watch Adam race against time and stretch the limits of the human stomach to polish off these monster challenges. Will he reign Super Supreme or will he suffer a crushing 13-pound defeat like many others before him? 

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