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In the all new special, Jodie Marsh On… Women Who Pay For Sex, Jodie will meet male escorts, gigolos and the women who are forgoing dating and relationships for an evening with a professional lover.

Will Jodie discover these women have the right idea when it comes to sex and men? Can an escort really provide the ultimate boyfriend experience?

Premieres on TLC on Monday 11 January at 9:30pm AEDT. 

Today Chemists are designing legal highs faster that the law can ban them. It's the fastest growing drugs market in Britain, and a mounting global problem. As someone who has never touched drugs, Jodie wants to understand this world and its risks.  In Jodie Marsh On… Drugs she'll meet the users, chemist creator and sellers driving the explosion of so-called legal highs. Will she discover the real hype behind Breaking Bad is or will it all just make her mad?

Premieres on TLC on Monday 25 January at 9:30pm AEDT. 

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In Jodie Marsh On... Plastic Surgery, Jodie explores what is motivating even greater numbers to go under the knife, and why so many people are now looking to reverse their surgery.
As Jodie meets those whose surgery has delivered the vision of plastic perfection they craved, and those who now regret it and want their procedures reversed, she faces up to why she went under the knife. 

Jodie Marsh

Lacey Wildd has the seventh largest breasts in the world and has ambitions to go even bigger.

Jodie March On Plastic Surgey

Rajhjee is suffering the consequences of back street facial injections concocted from cement and sealant.

Ever wondered why so many men cheat and lie? Jodie gets some answers in Jodie Marsh On... Lying Cheating Men. From love rats to rom-conners, she meets the men who have been repeatedly unfaithful, criminally deceptive and ultimate masters of manipulation. Herself a victim of lying, cheating men, Jodie also speaks to the women whose lives have been impacted in the hope that she can uncover the tell-tales signs. 

Jodie Marsh On

Jodie talks to Ravy who runs a multi-million dollar dating site for people wanting extra marital affairs.

Jodie Marsh On

Jodie interviews Rebecca, a private detective.

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