Ink Master: Redemption

Ink Master Redemption

All New Season
Tuesdays at 9:30pm AEST

Ever wondered what happens to the human canvases that get a terrible tattoo once Ink Master is over?

In Ink Master: Redemption, people from previous seasons unhappy with their tattoos will return to the shop for a chance at new ink. Stuck with tattoos that they hate or just absolutely can’t stand, their ink serves as a permanent reminder of a masterpiece gone wrong. 

The twist? The tattoo artist that created the original tattoo is heading back to the shop too, for their chance at redemption. Given the power, and the choice, will the canvas give their artist a second shot or are they too scarred from the memory of their botched tattoo? 

Hosted by Dave Navarro, each episode will feature a different twist as the stakes are raised and we will encounter some of the angriest canvases in Ink Master history.

Will these tattoo artists be able to make a wrong a right, and finally have the chance to redeem themselves?