First Heartbeat

First Heartbeat

First Heartbeat follows a British couple’s heart-breaking struggle to overcome successive miscarriages in order to have a successful pregnancy and healthy baby.

In this intimate film, Lisa Francesca Nand and David Kirk challenge the taboo subject of miscarriages by sharing their very personal and touching story as they bid to overcome the sorrow of multiple miscarriages and undergo a controversial treatment in an attempt to build their family.

The documentary begins with Lisa and David getting married and soon becoming pregnant with what they hoped would be their first child. It then charts the young couple’s journey through miscarriage, pregnancy tests, tears, drug therapy and finally success.

“There is a daunting silence surrounding miscarriage despite the desperate grief it causes,” said Lisa. “It feels like there’s something almost embarrassing about it. It shouldn’t be a taboo. We need to be able to talk about miscarriage and the work still to be done to make sure people get the support they need. That is why I wanted to share our story, and the story of many.”

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