Born Without Limbs

Born Without Limbs

Nick Vujicic was born without arms or legs, but never allowed his limitations to slow him down. Proud husband, father, and famous motivational speaker, 
Nick has done more than most, and now life as he knows it is about to change...

Thirty-two year-old Nick Vujicic is a man who was born without limbs. Though doctors had performed ultrasounds, no one picked up on their absence - a fact that wasn't revealed until his birth. Despite professional opinions he would be bed-ridden for the rest of his life, Nick's parents took him home and decided to raise him like any other child.

Never letting his limitations define him, Nick instead flourished, and found ways to adapt to the world around him. He’s is now a wildly successful international motivational speaker, husband, and most recently a father.

However, with his new family comes a new set of challenges. His wife, Kanae, works tirelessly taking care of their young son, as well as tending to Nick when necessary. Although Nick has a professional caretaker, he wants to become more self-reliant for the sake of his family and their lives together.

Nick has traveled and "conquered" the world by accepting who he is and what he can and cannot do, but now he will push his limits even further. From learning to brush his teeth and shower on his own, to actually driving a car for the very first time, Nick is willing to do whatever it takes to become more independent. He preaches the motto of "Never Giving Up" to millions of people worldwide, and it's his turn again to find the strength to overcome life's obstacles and achieve his goals.