Angels Among Us

Angels Among Us

A brand new series, Angels Among Us gives a glimpse into the spiritual world of Rosie Cepero and her special gift allowing her to communicate with guardian angels.

On the surface, nothing seems out of the ordinary in Rosie's life. But that's not quite the case. Since she was a little girl, Rosie has had a special gift that allows her to see, hear, and communicate with guardian angels.

Follow Rosie Cepero as she makes connections with these angels, and delivers their critical messages to the people they protect on earth, and meet people from all across the country who come to Rosie's farm seeking answers to unexplainable events in their lives. Some simply believe they feel a constant presence around them; others have miraculous stories of how they were protected during times of imminent death. But while every personal story is unique, the one constant is the clear voice of an angel who relies on Rosie and her promise to communicate their message.

Get to know Rosie Cepero

Angels Among Us

Rosie Cepero has a special gift - she can communicate with guardian angels. But even with this rare ability, the rest of her life probably sounds very similar to yours. Get to know Rosie, her family and how she talks to angels.

She's a Farm Gal
Rosie lives on a 126-acre farm in New York state, just north of New York City, with her family and 3 year old pet pig

Her Most Important Job Is Mom
The only female in her house, Rosie has many men in her life (not including her guardian angels): her husband George as well as her three sons Frankie, Georgie and Joey. Though they claim that she nags them, they can't deny that her skill is real.

She Noticed Her Gift at a Young Age
In an interview with Channel Guide, Rosie explains that she felt angels' presences as early as age 3, when she used to babble to them in her crib. She's not the only one in her family with this aptitude, either. Her mother and women on her mother's side have spiritual gifts.

Her Calling Has Its Ups and Downs
Though Rosie enjoys her gift and happily shares the angels' messages with their loved ones, angels are not always easy to read. Though Rosie believes we all have guardian angels, they don't always have the same message. Sometimes they have a warning, while other times they simply want to give hope and protection, and sometimes they have nothing to share.